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 Create your blissful family and balanced life.

Anitra is an author, speaker, and life coach dedicated to building blissful, happy families everywhere! Her focus is helping women find peace of mind and balance in their families and their lives.


Marriage and Motherhood
Do you have friction when communicating with your family? Does a discussion about the kids or household chores turn into World War 3 in your home? Maybe you would like for your teenagers to do what you ask without the attitude and your little ones to do what you ask without the whining? Anitra can help you get what you need without all the drama!

Life Balance and Purpose
Life happens. And it’s stressful. Managing family and career can be challenging. Add to that the search for your life’s true purpose and it can be enough to make you want to throw in the towel. Anitra can help you identify your true purpose and how to pursue it, all while maintaining balance. Find peace of mind in the midst of your stress.

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